Thursday, January 12, 2006

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain

Mrs. Fabulous and I went to see Coldplay last summer. Now I wouldn’t call myself a Coldplay fan, actually. I find them too precious by half. They’re the musical equivalent of one of those massage chairs you pay to sit in at your local shopping mall— vaguely soothing, but mechanical and lacking soul. Still, given the woeful state of pop music today, they’re fucking Pink Floyd compared to what else is out there. So what are you gonna do? Besides, they’re one of the few bands my wife and I can agree to spend money on.

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At 8:59 AM, Anonymous said...

I have not participated in, or responded to a blog before, but after seeing Brokeback last night, I just had to tell you I appreciate the even-handedness with which you reviewed the film.

As a gay man, now 52, it's fair to say that I never expected to see a film like this in general distribution, and certainly not being feted by critics and supported FINANCIALLY by the movie-going public. I am amazed and heartened.

This film moved me and made me ache in ways that only real truths can affect your spirit. Thanks to Ang Lee, and here's to hoping that more people - on both sides of the aisle - will give it a chance and support it with the purchase of a ticket.

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